Monday, July 7, 2014

A whole lot of celebrating going on!

In the span of six days, we have celebrated Daniel's birthday, our nation's birthday and Mary Lane's birthday! That's a whole lot of celebrating! And it was fun!

First off, we had Daniel's requested dinner of barbeque (with all the fixings) and key lime pie! Jeanette and the girls blew up a bunch of balloons (did you know there's a helium shortage in Nashville?) and hung them around the dining room. Erica was thrilled when she discovered that she can blow up a balloon by herself. Mary Lane enjoyed blowing up as much as she could and then letting it go to have the air blow back in her face. Giggles followed!

On the Fourth of July, we all went to Grandma's apartment and had another feast of left-over barbeque, hot dogs and some yummy side dishes and dessert. After supper, we headed up to the rooftop (13th floor) to watch fireworks from every direction. We could have probably seen the downtown Nashville show, but it ended up starting late and we decided to call it a night. It was fun to party on the rooftop and to be able to see for miles across the Nashville area.

Last, but not least, today was Mary Lane's 4th birthday, so we got to have her birthday dinner tonight. Her only request was a cake, but her Mommy added some real food to balance things out. Mary Lane had fun opening presents and loved her pink cake with marshmallows and "MLB" written on top (Mary Lane's Birthday, of course!). It is a gift to be able to have all this family time together this summer!

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