Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's a NY thing

Last night was the annual lighting ceremony of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center in NYC. I usually enjoy watching it on TV and have even been known to clap when the lights come on.

I had a little problem this year, since the ceremony was scheduled on the same night when I go to community group. I could have tried to record it on my almost-obsolete VCR, but I didn't really have time to fool with that (and I don't have a DVR). Then at the last minute, our community group needed to meet at my house, so I got a glimmer of hope that maybe I could convince everyone to watch the last minute or so of the broadcast, just to see the lighting part. I even mentioned how it was such a sacrifice for me to not watch the broadcast this year, but I was willing to forego it for the group.

We were all assembled in my den and had spent several minutes discussing some upcoming events for the group. I happened to glance at the clock and saw that it was 7:55, five minutes until the end of the tree-lighting broadcast. I saw my chance, and the discussion was transitioning to the next part of our group time, so I made my plea.

"You know, it's almost time for the lighting of the tree in NY. We could watch it before we move on to the next thing."

"Do you really want to? If it's really important to you, we can do that, but . . ."

I could tell that it might not be as important to everyone else, so with tongue in cheek, I told them it wasn't a problem . . . I have just watched the tree lighting for 45 years running, so what's wrong with missing one year. I laughed it off and we went on.

Fast-forward to today. I received an email from the community group leader, sent to the whole group:

C group,
A special "Thank you" to Nanette for opening up her house last night for us to get together.  Nanette, I am sorry we missed the Christmas tree lighting on TV.  Maybe if you have a taped version from years past you can watch that and pretend it is this year. Just trying to help :\

The gauntlet was again tossed out, so here was my reply:

It took me a while to go to sleep after my huge disappointment of not seeing this year's lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, but I was able to console myself today by finding a video of last year's lighting ceremony on Youtube. Here's the link for everyone's viewing pleasure. And I've attached a photo from this year! :-)
 I guess it's just a NY thing and every year at this time, I definitely get in a "NY state of mind!"

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