Saturday, July 6, 2013

Honduras Mission Trip

 The team of 12 youth and 3 adults from Grace Community Church left early this morning to go to Honduras to work at La Providencia orphanage. We got word that they arrived safely in San Pedro Sula (flight destination) and have probably by now arrived in Aguas del Padre where the orphanage is located.

If you are interested in following their trip, click here.

While I have had some anxiety about Daniel going on this trip, most of the reasons were based on my fear, not reality. What I take comfort in knowing is that God is with them wherever they go (Gen. 28:15) and that there is no place that they can go from His Spirit (Psalm 139:7-10). God provided everything Daniel needed financially to go on this trip, another assurance to my heart that He is with Daniel and I am thankful to those who helped make it possible for him to go.

As you know, my son has a fun sense of humor and there is apparently an inside joke among the team about some Spanish phrases that they know. Late last night when we were finishing up his packing, Daniel agreed to pose with his bags to give a visual to the phrase, "No mas pantalones."

My sister wanted to know if he had packed all his pants in his suitcase! Also it should be noted that the hat was purchased for the trip, but after some of Daniel's friends saw his hat a couple of days prior to leaving, Daniel decided that a baseball cap would work just fine to shield him from the sun. I'll be returning the safari hat to Walmart soon!

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