Thursday, March 15, 2012

Worth repeating

July 1997 - Daniel's first car

Daniel and I went to Maury County for him to take his driver's road test yesterday. (That would be Columbia, TN, an hour's drive from Nashville--long story of why we did that.)

And he passed!!! I'm very proud of him and am glad that he has reached this milestone. I'll also be happy to send him to Kroger for a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread and some bananas sometime in the near future!

I know that I already used this picture when Daniel got his learner's permit, but the sentiments I shared in that blog post are worth repeating a year later. It's nothing that millions of other parents haven't already experienced. And I'm thankful that there have been others who have gone before me who I can turn to when I need some encouragement as a mom. I'm sure I'm going to continue to feel the twinges of letting go as the next few months unfold.

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