Thursday, March 24, 2011

We're not talking about a "Cozy Coupe" any more!

Last week, Daniel and I finally were able to find the time to go to the DMV and get Daniel his learner's permit. Yep, that's right, he's now legally allowed to drive a car (with limitations)!

Without allowing myself to get too sentimental about this milestone in my son's life, because I do realize that my son is not the first kid in history to ever get his driver's license, here are some observations/emotional snippets I've had over the past week:

  • I'm not completely sure how it can be possible that a) Daniel is old enough to get his permit and b) I am old enough to have a child that age!
  • While I was waiting for Daniel to take his written driver's exam, the thought crossed my mind that I don't remember anyone (or any parenting books) telling me about how it might feel to be at this point in my child's life. There isn't any "pomp and circumstance" with this milestone, but still causes you to stop and think about all of the other major things that will be taking place over the next couple of years. I sure don't want to "blink and miss it" and want to be the kind of parent that gives my child "wings" and doesn't hold him back unnecessarily.

  • We're not talking about bumper cars or go-carts or even the Little Tykes "Cozy Coupe" that he used to drive around the driveway. He gets behind the wheel of an actual vehicle that goes out on the actual road.
  • Driving takes courage, both on the part of the learning driver and on his parent giving the lessons. I think Daniel would admit that one of the reasons we didn't go get his permit when he first turned 15 last summer was that he had to get his courage up. I'm finding out that as careful a driver as Daniel will most-likely be, I'm going to have to gather up some new courage of my own as he starts driving more and eventually goes out on his own.
  • I'm thankful, once again, for the community that I have around me who help and encourage and walk with me as I parent my son. I have plenty of friends who have gone before me in this process, as well as many who are at the same place in the journey, and I have my family to support me and remind me that they survived similar experiences when I was a teenager.

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Its Lainee said...

My parents had a Cozy Coupe that all of the grandchildren "drove" and I remember thinking the same thing when our kids got their permits! It happens, fast, huh?