Thursday, September 29, 2016

Up, up and away in September

Oh, how I wish I could be writing about taking a balloon flight in September, but not this year. However, I was very happy and excited to get a chance to go to the Music City Hot Air Balloon Festival on the first Sunday in September!

It started out as a hot, sticky outing, but as the sun started going down, the temps lowered and it turned out to be a very enjoyable time. The venue was small enough to allow for viewing the balloons as they were inflated and then at the end, there was a "balloon glow" with all eleven balloons lighting up for the glow effect. Simply beautiful!

And I was pretty giddy when I got very close to the fence to watch one of the balloons inflate and end up in the air right over my head. The balloons stayed tethered, but it was so cool to see them be unfurled on the ground and then watch as the crew directed hot air into the mouth of the balloon and eventually got it upright and then up in the air!


It was also very fun to introduce my friend Anne Marie to "up close" hot air balloons. I think I've almost convinced her to be my flight buddy someday!

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