Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throw-back Thursday Stories: Mother and Daughter

Since last Sunday was Mother's Day and this week marked the 25th anniversary of my college graduation, I thought I'd write about this photo.

I really don't remember who took this photo, but it was taken in my college dorm room before I headed down to get in line for the graduation processional. My mom, dad, grandparents, aunt and uncle came to Nashville (my sister was attending Belmont at that time) for the big event. My grandparents, Maw-Maw and Granddaddy, were so excited to get to see Nashville in person (they had visited years before) and got to go see the Opryland Hotel while they were in town. That might have been a bigger highlight than seeing me graduate, or at least came in as a close second!

What I love about this photo is the love between my mom and I that was captured on film. I had spent four years 1000+ miles away from home, including summers, and I was getting ready to spend that summer working at a camp in West Tennessee. My mom and dad never held me back or tried to manipulate me in any way when I told them my plans for being away from home. I always knew that they were there for me and were my "home base," and I never doubted that they loved me. This photo demonstrates now my mom nurtured me and helped me when needed.

My mom gave me a framed print that reads, "Mothers hold their children's hands for a while, their hearts forever." I know this is true for my mother and me. I'm thankful that we are able to live near each other now and that I still know that my mom loves me and we are able to help each other when needed.

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Leelee said...

That is such a sweet memory between you and your mom.