Friday, May 2, 2014

Then and Now

I recently pulled out some pictures of my house and yard from the year we bought it and the year I had some landscaping done (2006). I wanted to see the difference between how it looked then and how it looks now. If you ever get impatient and wonder if small shrubs and bushes will grow, check these pictures out:

The day it was ours: August 29, 1997

After some initial DIY landscaping in the fall of 1997

After some professional landscaping in 2006

May 2014, after some new mulch
For the most part, I like how everything has matured/grown. Compare the bush under the window on the far right side (facing). And what has happened to the windows on the left side of the house? They're behind there somewhere (and some trimming/removal needs to happen at some point). I love my little house and yard . . . especially when someone else mows and takes care of the yard!

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