Monday, June 4, 2012

Shared traits

Before we get too far into June, I need to go back and tell about something that happened in May, but deserves its own post (not just get included in the recap).

One day in mid-May, Daniel texted me and told me that he had been accepted into the National Honor Society. The induction ceremony took place on May 17, in the school auditorium. Daniel was his normal, humble self about this honor, but his dad and I are very proud of him!

We also joked that the National Honor Society gene apparently skipped a generation, since neither Daniel's dad nor I were invited to join. But it is one of the things that Daniel shares with his Grandpa, as we found out when Grandma presented Daniel with some of Grandpa's pins and memorabilia at Christmas. Daniel's pin might be a little shinier than his Grandpa's but we're proud that he is following in his Grandpa's footsteps of being a diligent student.

Daniel and Grandpa also shared a love of reading and books. Grandpa had a huge collection of books, which he was in the process of giving away and selling in the years before he died. Now that he has passed away, my mom is sharing the remainder of his books with people who will appreciate them. She gave some to her son-in-law, Russell, and offered for Daniel to come browse the collection to see what he might like to have of Grandpa's books. It thrilled her that Daniel was eager to spend the time looking through the books and that he found a stack to take home (see photo below).

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