Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monthly Recap: May 2012

I think maybe I'll try doing a monthly recap, at least with any photos. This month was a busy month for us, but we got it done! We're starting summer off right with some days to just be at home and not have to be on a schedule.

Back at the beginning of May, the Hume-Fogg Silver Jazz Band had their Spring concert. I think that concert is my favorite of the year because the band has been playing together for several months and they are more relaxed. Also, they have a tradition of reading cards that the seniors write about what they will be doing after graduation and their thank-yous. It makes the evening kind of long, but still worth it!

Here is a video of the band playing their first song of the night, "Reverend Jones." The entire song is great to listen to, but if you want to see Daniel's drum solo, you can fast-forward to 6:45 or 7:00.

The day after the concert, Hume-Fogg had a block party as part of the Centennial Celebration for the school's 100th anniversary. Daniel took his SATs that morning and stayed afterward to attend the block party. I was planning to meet him down there. While I was running an errand on my way downtown, I got a text from Daniel saying that he was getting ready to play with one of the jazz combos on the stage at the block party (not previously planned). I scurried to get down there in time and was able to hear the last song they played. These photos were taken that day.

For Mother's Day, Daniel served me breakfast in bed and we had a nice day hanging out together and with our family. We had our family dinner that evening with some barbeque sandwiches and ice cream. We had our typical chaos of trying to get some pictures and it was more challenging because we were inside due to the weather. Good thing we take pictures year-round and not just on holidays (ha!).

Erica had her preschool Spring program the next weekend, so of course, we attended that! It was fun to see her sing with her class and she was so excited to show us her art work (when we could find it hanging up). It will be fun to have many years of school programs that Erica and Mary Lane will be a part of!

Erica is the "sheep" in the middle

Finally, to wrap up the month, we got to spend some time with Uncle Bud and Aunt Vickie, who came to visit from Memphis. We had a good time just sharing some meals and hanging out together. They loved getting to see all of the kids (although I was remiss and didn't get a picture of Daniel this time). It is fun to see Erica and Mary Lane interact with Bud and Vickie and we're all looking forward to making a trip to Memphis later this summer.

I think we're ready for June!

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