Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Four

For Day Four, I am thankful for my Bed and my Pillow.

Now, I realize that after the first three days of fairly deep subjects, this is possibly going to sound very shallow or "soft" (pun intended). But I think that since the Bible tells us to be thankful in all circumstances and for all things, it's not a bad thing to be thankful for something like a bed and pillow. Also, honestly, my brain has been taxed with those deeper posts and if I'm going to make it through this whole month of posting every day, I'm going to need to pace myself!

For as long as I have had my "grown up" bed*, other people have coveted it. When Daniel was younger, I'd often find that he had snuck into my room while I was washing my face before bed and would find him buried under my covers with a sheepish look on his face (or with his eyes closed, trying to fool his mom into thinking that he was actually asleep). Even my sister has been known to come to my house and take a nap on my bed. The reason is always given that my bed is so comfortable and just better than their own (in Daniel's case, especially).

I've also had a life-long attachment to my pillow. When possible, my pillow travels with me when I go on a trip, and it is a huge ordeal for me to find a replacement for my pillow when one wears out. It's almost up there with buying new jeans or a bathing suit, because of the anguish it can bring me. I go into Bed, Bath & Beyond and try to "test drive" the pillows and it just doesn't work very well. I understand that they have to wrap them in plastic for sanitary purposes, but unless I lie down on the floor or use one of the pretend beds on display (you know those are just made up to look pretty, right?), I really can't get a good feel for how the pillow and my head will adapt to one another until I get it home. And by then, it's pretty much going to be part of my household pillow collection, since they don't really like it when people return pillows that have been drooled slept on.

So, at the end of my normally long day, when I finally climb into bed and fluff up my pillows and pull my comforter up to my chin, one thought that is often on my mind right before my brain shuts off is one of "thank you, Lord!"

*Grown-up bed refers to the bed that is a) not twin-size, or even full-size, but Queen-size, b) was not bought for me by my parents, and c) actually has a headboard and a footboard, and is not just a mattress and box spring on the free frame that comes with them.

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Jeanette said...

Not fair, finding a post about where I love to take a nap while I'm sitting at my desk with a baby hanging from the baby carrier, nowhere near ever taking a nap the rest of my life!