Thursday, December 25, 2008

Advent: Day Twenty-five

Merry Christmas! The ornament for today is a nativity scene, symbolizing the birth of Jesus. This morning, Daniel and I shared the Jesse Tree devotion with our family as we sat in our living room around our Christmas tree. Daniel read the story of Jesus' birth from Luke 2 and then I shared the devotional message and prayer. It was a special time for our family to celebrate Jesus' birth and to think about the true reason that we have a holiday on December 25th.

I am glad that I chose to do the Advent Jesse Tree on my blog this year and I appreciate the encouragement I received from those who made comments. I hope that your Advent experience this year has brought you closer to the One who's birth we celebrate. May none of us be the same because of our encounter with the Prince of Peace!

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Katie Thompson said...

Merry Christmas, Nanette!! You made it! We didn't do Jesse Tree this year, so it was a real blessing to keep up with your blog. Thanks!