Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Advent: Day Four

This ornament symbolizes God's call to Abram, who later was renamed, "Abraham", which means, "Father of many nations." God called Abram to be a part of a larger plan, a group of people through whom others will be blessed.

The other day, my friend shared a devotion that she'd read and the thing that stuck out to me from what she shared was that when we grow in holiness and serve God in obedience and faith, we are the last ones who know we are being a blessing to others. In other words, if we are seeking the glory, we are not giving glory to the One who really deserves it.

I like this prayer from the Advent Jesse Tree book. May it be the prayer of my heart as I continue to be grown and sanctified by the One who calls me.

Prayer: You come to us in this Advent time, Yahweh, as You came to Abraham many years ago. You come to us with that same call--to be a people through whom others will be blessed. We pray that we will have that same faith to obey You in all things. Open our lives to live out Your calling. Come, Emmanuel, come. Amen. (p.26)

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