Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dad and his girls

My dad is the father of two daughters and has a granddaughter on the way. He spent the first part of his life in a family of five boys and a girl, and his first grandchild is a boy, so I think it's good that he gets to "even things out" by having some daughters and a granddaughter.

I am so blessed to have a father who was, and is still, involved in my life. He has taught me so much about life, faith, love, family, and I am thankful that we can live in the same city (just a couple of miles apart).

Happy Father's Day, Dad!


Jeanette said...

Quote of the Father's Day photo shoot:

"Dad, smile."

"Someone needs to tell me when to stop smiling."

Somehow I think it must be hard to stop smiling when people are giving you chocolate and homemade ice cream all afternoon.

Kristi said...

What a sweet picture!! Cute cute cute.