Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wanted: Chauffer

I've decided that some of my most stressful minutes of the day are when I am driving on the interstates around Nashville. I know that Nashville has always had a reputation for bad driving, but I think the drivers are more selfish and rude than having bad driving skills. Here's a case in point: each weekday morning, I get onto I-65 North at Harding Place. This exit is probably a mile or so before the I-440 junction, but people coming up from the south seem to think that getting over to the far right lane at Harding Place is their right and perogative. Never mind that there are other people just trying to get ON the interstate there. It's maddening! I once read someone's analogy of the way people act on the roads. The person commented that drivers think they can cut in front of everyone in line because they're in a car, but they wouldn't think of cutting in front of five people in the line at the grocery store! Can you imagine?

Then there's the wonderful spot where I have to cross over two lanes of traffic coming from the east in order to get off at my exit to go to my office (Demonbruen Ave.). Yes, I could go on down to Broadway or even Church Street and work my way back (and have been forced to do that some mornings), but that's not my most direct route. I will say that the drivers are more willing to let cars in at that point than the ones down by Harding Place.

Well, I could keep on griping about the afternoon commute, but I'll spare you those details. I guess driving in Nashville is just part of my sanctification process. I'm definitely not "there" yet, just ask Daniel!

So, if anyone knows of a good chauffer who would drive me back and forth to work and would do it out of the goodness of his/her heart, let me know!


Jeanettie said...

I've noticed lately that I like back roads or main roads with lights better than interstates. Might not be helpful rush hour, but it keeps me calmer.

Katie Jo said...

I agree with Jeanettie's post

I always avoid interstates...well, just the ones leading to Rivergate. I only drive on that part of the interstate if I absolutely have to.

Nanette R. said...

I agree that avoiding the interstates is a good option, and I've done it before (I can get to my office via Franklin Road). However, sometimes it's faster to get on the interstate, especially when someone might be running a little late (but I promise that's not when I get mad at the other drivers . . . usually). Thanks! :-)

Kristi said...

I love the interstates... when they are OUT of TOWN... then they can be melting pots of caustic materials.

Hi to jeanettie... I think you should blog, too! Love you two sweet sisters!

Jennifer Box said...

I'd offer to help but I don't think my personal road rage would be good for either of us in that situation.