Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Forward

(This post is dedicated to my sweet sister, who has had a bunch of fun having something to tease me about the past day or two.)

Here's the scene: Sunday morning, about 6:45. I wake up and slowly decide to come to full consciousness. Finally around 7:00, I get up and go take my daily dose of thyroid medicine and get back in bed to have a little quiet time with God before getting ready for church. I think I read in Psalms for about five minutes when I had a thought: I think that the time changed last night. Is it Spring Forward? YES! Shoot, that means it's after 8:00! I check my cell phone to see what the "correct" time is. My phone says 7:05. Now I'm confused, so I call the authority on most things, my mom. "Hello, Mom? What time is it?" (and as much as my sister would like to embellish this part of the story, I didn't have a sleepy tone in my voice) "Hi Nanette. It's 8:06."

Well, you can get the gist of the rest of the morning from there. Since Daniel is not as quick a waker-upper as his mom, I decided to not make him rush and we made it to the second worship service, missing Sunday School.

It's just not like me to forget about Daylight Savings Time (especially when I had known it was happening early this year). At least I gave my family something to laugh about! :-)


Jeanettie said...

I thought Mom said you sounded sleepy when you called. I just think it is funny you are becoming less responsible as you get older.

Kristi said...

oh no, i hope that is not going to happen to me too...