Saturday, March 22, 2008

Licensed to what???

I did it!!!!! I am so thankful to be able to report that I passed the state licensing exam for Life & Health insurance this morning! The test was not as bad as I had dreaded or as hard as the practice test I took yesterday (and got me all in a wad). I am so relieved to have this week behind me, and also feel a huge sense of accomplishment from achieving this goal. I am thankful to God and give Him the glory!

Some people have asked me what this licenses me to do? Well, basically, if I wanted to, I could sell life and health insurance products. Since I'm not cut out for sales, I will continue to do my job as Director of Administration at The Pruett Financial Group, which is affiliated with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. I will be contracted as an Associate Financial Representative with Northwestern. For now, the only thing that will change will be my business cards, but who knows what other opportunities will come from taking this step of professional development.

One thing this week I got out of this week is understanding about what other people at my company have had to go through, education-wise. Also, I realized how much I have learned over the past three years (in June) of working in the insurance industry, which was new to me when I started.

Thanks to all of you who encouraged me and prayed for me this week. It helped to know I wasn't going through this on my own.

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florence said...

Yeah!!! I am SO proud of you. You have worked hard for the past three years and have accomplished so much.

"You are go-getter"- from the movie Jonah. Hey, it's better than being "a skilled metal worker"!