Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Turning 50!

This year marks a milestone for me:  I turned 50! I've been alive for five decades! How can that be?

I really haven't had any qualms with turning 50. In fact, I was kind of looking forward to it, seeing it as the start to my "second half" of life. With Daniel graduating from college this year and "leaving the nest" officially, I feel like I have a blank slate and can't wait to see what all the Lord brings in this next chapter of life for both of us.

If you know me well, you know that I like to start celebrating my birthday at the beginning of the month (February 3rd is the actual day) and then continue the celebration as long as it will go . . . all month if possible. This year on my actual birthday, I was feeling under the weather, but didn't want to squander the day being sick, so my mom took me out to lunch and we shopped for a little while at an antique mall where our friend Robin works. It was the perfect outing and I enjoyed the rest of the day sitting on my couch under a quilt reading a book.

Oh, and God gave me a beautiful sunset to end the day!

On Sunday after church, some friends treated me to lunch and then I went to a party that was being given in my honor. I enjoyed visiting with the many sweet friends who could come and eating delicious treats, like apple cake made from my mom and grandmother's recipe. Yum! My friends also showered me with sweet words of encouragement and affirmation and presented me with a surprise gift.

For many years, probably since high school or college days, I have had a dream of getting to fly in a hot air balloon. I have been on a tethered ride, but it is my desire to actually go on a flight (some call me crazy for that). Well, my sweet friends decided to make my dream come true and gave me a gift certificate for a hot air balloon flight for two! It takes a lot to surprise me and they absolutely did! I am looking forward to planning a flight with Daniel this Spring!

Last, but not least, some friends took me to dinner the week after my birthday. I had requested that we go to a place where we could hear live music, but when we got to the place we had chosen, it was pretty crowded, so we decided to go across the street and eat some Mexican food. It was much better to be able to sit down and enjoy some good food and conversation and at the end of the meal, the server told us that someone had already taken care of my bill (we think we know who the birthday elves were). It was a fun night to go out on the town to celebrate!

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