Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Belize Stories: Ms. Rose

The first part of this story was written by Helen McClaren from the Access-Life team:

"While the team was building the ramp for Eli, Beth, Pat and Helen distributed food to residents in the neighborhood. Everyone was receptive and very appreciative. One neighbor, as we were praying with her for her health to return, encouraged us to find Ms. Rose who lived down the street and was very ill and could use the food as well.

When we found Ms. Rose, she invited us into her home. She was sitting on the couch looking very sad, but she thanked us for the food. She told us that she'd had a stroke seven years ago, evidenced by a withered hand. Ms. Rose said that she had asked God to heal her and He had not. Then she admitted that she was depressed.

Beth prayed for Ms. Rose to have joy in her heart and Helen talked to her about the Apostle Paul asking God to remove his affliction and how God said, 'No,' but it made Paul more dependent on Him. After telling Ms. Rose that we loved her, we left her house."

As the week continued and the team had time to share stories and pray for people we had met, Helen, Beth and Pat mentioned Ms. Rose and how sad she seemed and in such need of joy. When the Access-Life team was getting ready to leave, they expressed hope that the Hearts of Christ team would be able to go back and visit Ms. Rose to bring her encouragement.

Before the Hearts of Christ team left to go home to Tennessee, they had an opportunity to go back to the village of Ontario to visit with Ms. Rose. She shared with them about losing her two sisters within two days, and then about having a stroke. Ms. Rose said that she had not been out of her house in five years. Korie Williams helped her out of the house and she was walking with a walker, then the team got a wheelchair and wheeled her around the village. Ms. Rose loved being outside and actually was able to smile and laugh with the team.

It was great to see the pictures and to hear about the follow-up visit that the Hearts of Christ team made to Ms. Rose. Oftentimes, it takes ongoing contact with people to let them know that they are loved by Christ and by others around them. Pray for Ms. Rose and for her heart to be filled with the joy of the Lord.

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