Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sister: "E" is for Enthusiastic

"E" is for Enthusiastic

Another fun trait about my sister is that she is very enthusiastic about life. She can bring others on board with ideas (even silly ones) with her contagious excitement.

One time when I was planning my wedding and needing to purchase the fabric for the dress, I heard about an upcoming sale at a local fabric store. The saleswoman had let me in on a "secret" that if I came on Saturday morning before 7:00, I could get 50% off the regular price per yard. The sale changed every hour until by the middle of the morning, everything stayed at 20% off for the rest of the day.

Jeanette was living with me that summer and I went home and told her about the sale, thinking that we'd just plan to get there for the 20% off part of the day. After hearing about the better deal that we could get early in the morning, Jeanette enthusiastically convinced me that we could get up, throw on our clothes and get to the store in time to get 50% off the fabric we needed. Thanks to her encouragement, we saved a lot of money and made a fun sister memory!

One of my favorite birthday pictures of Jeanette was when she was turning five. Our family had been to Disney World and came back to our grandparents' house in time to celebrate Labor Day and Jeanette's birthday. Granddaddy asked her what kind of cake she wanted and what she would like to receive as presents. I think she gave pretty detailed description of what she wanted on her store-bought cake and she specifically asked for some dollar bills. Jeanette was super excited about all the fun decorations on the cake and loved all the presents she received, but when she opened the card with the money, she was ecstatic and someone in the family captured the joy on her face with her arms lifted high, clutching the dollar bills in her little hands.

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