Thursday, November 20, 2014

When little things are really big

Lately I have been the recipient of some seemingly "little" kindnesses that spoke loudly to my heart.

Last Friday, I was casually talking about all the leaves that had fallen in my yard and a little while later, my dear coworker/friend asked me if I would like for some help with raking & bagging them on Saturday.

This would normally be a wonderful gift to get to have some help with that chore, but it was more of a necessity to have help with it this year since I've been nursing a problem with my thumb and am wearing a brace most of the time. Their help was such a gift to me!

And then yesterday when my sister and niece stopped into the church office on their way to Bible study, Mary Lane presented me with some beautiful sunflowers that she had picked out for me at the store. Her mom told me that Mary Lane had wanted to bring me some flowers, which was so sweet! They had no way of knowing how much I was in need of a pick-me-up! I told Mary Lane that everytime I see those flowers, I will smile and think of her . . . and I have done just that!

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corine said...

Love these small bits of kindness that swell in our hearts. This inspires me to do more for those in my life.