Friday, September 5, 2014

Flashback Friday: Happy Birthday to my Sis!

I've been posting birthday pics of my sister all week, but I thought it would be fun to put them all in one place today. Her actual birthday is tomorrow, so we'll be celebrating all weekend!

 We think this photo of Jeanette eating a flower was taken on her first birthday. We haven't found the cake pictures yet (sorry, younger sister).

 She loved her babies, even back then. I think this was the famous Susie who eventually got all of her hair literally loved off of her head.

 Such a little cutie with her cupcakes and sweet little dress! Make a wish!

We had just returned from a family trip to Disney World where she got a new dress with a matching purse. Granddaddy had asked her what kind of cake she wanted and got her what she requested:  cake with pink icing and a ballerina on top! She also got another doll and some money!

 Jeanette's birthday usually falls around Labor Day weekend, so we were often in Maryland visiting our Maw-Maw and Granddaddy. I love having familiar things in the background that we remember from our childhood.

We skip ahead to when Jeanette turned 17 (driving age in NJ). I was away at college, but Mom, Dad and Uncle Randel helped celebrate (and added fingers to show her age). The cake in this picture was a strawberry cake, which has been Jeanette's favorite and most-requested birthday cake for many years!

Love you, Sis!

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