Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Downtown Nashville

One of my favorite things to do in downtown Nashville is to walk on the pedestrian bridge. Long-time Nashvillians will remember it as the Shelby Street Bridge, one of the bridges that brought cars back and forth into downtown Nashville. It was shut down several years ago and reopened as a pedestrian bridge and was later named for John Seigenthaler. You can read the history of it here.

Since we have had a guest from France here for a few weeks (well, actually, she is the guest of my sister and family, but I've joined in on the fun and have enjoyed getting to know Paloma, too), we wanted to show her the downtown Nashville area and the views from the bridge. It was a beautiful evening for it last night and we got some great pictures with the Nashville skyline as the backdrop.

We also walked around a little bit in the downtown area, mainly to go to a souvenir shop. I wanted to find a painted wall that I'd seen in some local photo shoots and we got some impromptu shots of our own. Definitely a fun backdrop if you're downtown with friends or family (3rd Ave., South, just across the street from the Johnny Cash Museum).

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