Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Favorites: The West Wing

It's probably way past time for me to admit my latest favorite TV show:  The West Wing.

Back in the summer, Daniel and I wanted to start a new series together on Netflix, so I chose this one and started watching without Daniel (he was in and out a lot this summer, although he was able to catch up after a couple of episodes of Season One and was able to watch almost through Season Two before he left for college).

I am so hooked! I think I'm into Season Five, but not sure, since I just go to the next episode. I have done a little reading about the episodes, plus I think I watched some when they originally aired, but it all is mostly fresh to me. I have a great appreciation for being able to watch episodes continuously without commercial interruption and without having to wait a WHOLE WEEK (sometimes longer in the quirky world of network television that is way different from when there were just three major networks and they ran new episodes from September through May without fail).

I think the writing was definitely a big part of the success of The West Wing, especially in the earlier seasons. But the acting was also what made it such a great show to watch. I kind of hate to admit that I have to sometimes remind myself that Martin Sheen (aka Jed Bartlett) is not our current president (and never was) and that I don't go to work with these people every day (not that I would want to work at the White House).

It's also kind of surprising to me that I have gotten into a show about politics when that's not one of my favorite subjects. It has been fascinating to me at times to realize that a topic they are talking about as maybe happening "one day" in our country is currently taking place in our culture (that has happened with more than one topic).

So, if you ever wonder what I'm up to on a quiet evening, you can probably find me on my couch catching up with President Bartlett and his staff. But don't worry:  I can always hit the "pause" button and get up to do something with people in real life!

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