Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Decorations

Last weekend I decorated my house for the fall season and it made me excited for the leaves to change and the temperatures to get cooler. Fall is my favorite season of the year!

This infinity bowl has served so well in many seasons and years.

I collected these acorns on a whim one day when I walked to the mailbox at work. It was fun to envision a candle arrangement and have it work out as I had planned!
I think I got these metal pumpkins in Texas while visiting Leanne one time. I like pumpkins that don't go bad! The little rug was a gift from Leanne this year when she and Doug came to stay with me.

This was a gift from years past and has been part of my fall decorations for probably 20 years.

This used to be on a longer stake that would/could go into the ground as yard art. I like it just fine as wall art, too!

I finally got around to making a burlap wreath for my front door. Nevermind that my original inspiration for making this wreath and buying the materials was back in March when I saw this in downtown Franklin:

I'm happy with my wreath and plan to change the decorations with the seasons. I'll do another post with a "tutorial" of how I made my wreath.

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