Thursday, September 19, 2013

Empty Nest Update: One month

Don't worry, I'm not going to start giving a monthly update of how it's going with Daniel being away at school, but in case anyone was wondering. . .

It's actually been a little over a month since we moved Daniel into the dorm and I just realized it today. So that should tell you that I'm doing OK with the transition. And I think that's the truth. Of course I miss him, especially on trash day when I have to take the trash can (and once a month, the recycling, too) all the way to the curb! Or when the dishwasher needs to be emptied. (Both of those were "his chores" for many years.)

I also miss getting to hear about his day on a regular basis. We're keeping in pretty good touch through a variety of ways (text, Facebook, email, phone), but the phone conversations are my favorite.

I have been able to stay pretty busy, which is my norm, and now that the fall church activities have started, I go to a women's Bible study on Tuesday night and Community Group on Wednesday night, so I'm actually happy to be home on the other weeknights.

Daniel's room has gotten some use, too, since I've had some out-of-town guests come through twice this month. I am thankful that I have an extra room for people to stay and can offer that as needed.

I am excited about next weekend when I'm going to Fall Family Weekend at UT and will be experiencing my first UT football game! I hope the weather continues to cool off, but I'm ready for any temperature with orange shirts in various sleeve-lengths. It's all about layering!

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