Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Debbie and Nanette's Fun Adventures

It occurred to me that I have done some fun outings with my friend Debbie this spring and summer and haven't posted about them. Debbie and I met at church a few years ago and enjoy getting out and experiencing interesting things around town/the region. She's the kind of friend who I can call on the spur of the moment and we can come up with an adventure to fill our day.

Back in April, we decided to explore the little town of Nolensville, Tennessee, just a few miles south of where I live. That day they were having their annual "Buttercup Festival" and we had fun exploring the antique shops in town and found a treat to enjoy while listening to some bluegrass music. Funny thing is that the only buttercup flowers we saw (a.k.a. Daffodils) were fake!

Later in June, we drove down the interstate a little ways to the town of Bell Buckle, Tennessee, to experience first-hand a festival we'd both heard about:  The Moon Pie Festival. There was a lot of people-watching to be done that day and we also explored some antique shops and the various booths that were set up all over the small town. But, let me tell you, the highlight of the day was getting to see the crowning of the King and Queen of Moon Pies AND getting a taste of the World's Largest Moon Pie. Of course, we also had to get our own Moon Pie and RC Cola.

Later in the summer, Debbie's long-trusted Ford Escape decided it needed more repairs than were financially wise, so Debbie welcomed a new friend into her life. I think Debbie and I will be looking forward to many more adventures driving around in her sweet new ride!

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