Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reverse Nesting

The final countdown has begun. Daniel will move in to North Carrick Hall at UT-Knoxville on Friday! Hard to believe, but I think this week it suddenly feels "real." Whew!

Last Saturday I needed to do some housecleaning and also needed to wash Daniel's new bedding and towels for his dorm room. When pregnant women are getting ready to deliver a baby, and they get into cleaning and preparing all the baby clothes, it's called, "nesting." I decided that what I was doing was "reverse nesting," which makes sense to me, since I'll have an "empty nest."

Last week, on our first trip to Target for college shopping, we got all of the things pictured above. When we got to the check out and the cashier rang it all up, I handed him a stack of Target gift cards that Daniel had received for graduation. We had a rounded up guesstimate of how much the cards totaled, but I fully expected to have to hand him my debit card to cover the balance due. When the cards were all scanned, we were amazed to find out that we were left with a couple of dollars and change on one gift card. The cashier and the lady behind us in line were just as amazed and I came away with a thankful heart for God's provision through the generosity of our friends.

We made a second trip to Target today to get a bookshelf, some storage bins and other miscellaneous items. Yes, we do know that there are Target and Wal-Mart stores in Knoxville, but we've heard that the stores are crazy on Move-in Day, so we're trying to get what we need here. Of course, there will be things that we realize Daniel needs once we get there and we'll deal with the crowds.

I know that many people are praying for us this week, and I'm thankful. I know that God's grace will be sufficient for us as we make this transition and I am looking forward to finding a new "normal" as the mom of a college student.

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