Thursday, August 22, 2013

Five Alive!

I think there used to be an orange juice drink that was called "Five Alive," and the rhyming words are appropriate and seem like a perfect description of Erica right now.

I love it when kids turn five years old! They are so fun with their imaginations and new skills and it's just a joy to be around them. So, I am so excited that Erica is FIVE today!

When Erica was born, I probably popped a few buttons, figuratively speaking, since she was my first niece and her birth was very much anticipated in our family. I am still a proud aunt and love to hear stories about how she has made new friends at school and wanted to walk to her classroom on her own during the first week.

Erica's exuberance is very contagious. The other day, her mom made some soup with kale in it and Erica asked for seconds. The next day, I went by to get some kale to cook for myself and when Erica came to the door, she said, "Are you here to surprise us?" I said, "No, I just came to get some kale." Erica said, "I LOVE KALE!"

I can't wait to celebrate being five with Erica tonight when we go to the place where they have "the best lentil soup!" And then again on Saturday for her princess party! It's fun to be five!

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