Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What did you say?

A couple of weeks ago I finally made it into the world of smart phones. I love my phone for many reasons, but one of them is that it gives me a good laugh whenever I get a voicemail.

There's this cool feature where it creates a text version of whatever message is recorded. The only thing is that it must not have paid attention in dictation class, because what it thinks someone said and what they actually said are hardly ever the same.

Here are some examples:

Text version:
"Hey matt...just that paul I'm trying to I gonna make that happen nothing was there so call me back.

What she really said:
"Hey Nanette the phone just rang twice and I picked it up and nothing was there, so call me back."

Text version:
"Hi we just want to say hi I don't know why it's brian I think so I need to on and up see how."

Real message:
"Hi! We just wanted to say hi on the way to our birthday pj party. We've got our slippers on and our pj's. See ya!"

Text version:
"Hi this is Rebecca calling from Lincoln Anthony I was calling to see if we can have the electrician there in a about 30 minutes give us a callback as soon as possible thank you."

Actual message:
"Hi, this is Rebecca calling from Lee Company . . ."

Interestingly, I had a voicemail today from Daniel and his voice must be picked up better or something because the text version was the exact wording of what he actually said. He must just have one of those "golden voices" like radio announcers have. Hey . . . there's an idea!

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