Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July Birthday Fun, part two

Five days after Daniel turned 17, Mary Lane had her turn. As she approached her second birthday, she had finally gotten what the excitement was all about, but she didn't quite understand that other people have birthdays, too, like her cousin. Jeanette and Russell tried to get Mary Lane to participate in a video birthday greeting for Daniel, but everytime Erica would say "Happy Birthday, Daniel," Mary Lane would say, "Mine birthday!"

Daniel said he was going to have a little talk with Mary Lane. :-)

Mary Lane finally got her special day and we celebrated in style. She has a love for purses, so Jeanette came up with the idea to have purses be the theme of the party. I got some help from my fellow crafting friend, Barbara, and made a banner for Mary Lane and decorated the living room while Mary Lane napped.

I also made some cupcake toppers and other simple decorations. Jeanette took care of the sandwich supper.

Mary Lane definitely knew that the party was for her when she got up from her nap. She was excited about the presents and the cupcakes and we all had fun celebrating her sweet life.

At one point we were getting things ready for supper and Jeanette got the cupcakes out of the fridge and sat the tray on top of the stove. A minute later, Grandma said, "Where is she going with that?"

Mary Lane had seen the cupcakes and ran to get the stool and was heading to the stove to help herself! We held her off for a little while, but then she got to enjoy her birthday treat!

We ended the evening by watching the videos from when Mary Lane was born and her first birthday. It was poignant when we realized that Grandpa was in the videos. We are so thankful that he got to see all of his grandchildren and that Mary Lane can have pictures and video of her Grandpa who loved her very much!

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