Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's play catch-up

I know I've probably been disappointing the two or three readers of this blog by my sparse posts, but we've been living life and I haven't had made time to sit down and write (and post photos, which I like to do).

Anyway, here are some things that we've been up to (and will hopefully blog about soon):
  • Jazz Band Spring Concert (Daniel played with the main jazz band, plus was in a combo)
  • Hume-Fogg Centennial Celebration Block Party
  • Daniel took the SAT (and said it went well)
  • Celebrated Cinco de Mayo (we don't really need an excuse to eat Mexican food, but it was fun)
In the meantime, I'll tell you about the excitement we had at the "church house" (where I work) this past Monday. Vice President Joe Biden came into town for a fundraiser and his motorcade route went right by our church. I didn't actually see it when he went by the first time (maybe he had a different arrival route), but we waited and watched and watched and waited and then saw the large entourage drive by on their way back to the airport.

My coworker shot the video on his phone so it's a short clip:

Stay tuned . . . I'll try to post some more soon!

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