Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Learning to ride shotgun

As a parent these days, I am having to learn to ride in the passenger seat (literally and figuratively). Here are some lessons I'm learning, some requiring repetition:
  • The car only has one gas pedal and brake pedal and they're not on the passenger side of the floorboard. I honestly don't think that I've put my foot on the phantom pedals more than maybe one time, but each time we've been in the car when Daniel is driving, I am getting a lesson in letting go of the controls . . . and that's not easy!
  • My role is increasingly becoming that of a coach and advisor, and it works better if I wait until my advice is asked for before giving it.
  • I have become a real, live, in-car GPS and I don't speak in a British accent.
  • Some people's depth perception is different than other's (I'm just sayin').
  • Other drivers in this town (OK, on any road we've been on) are just plain crazy! I'm definitely more afraid of our safety on the roads because of what other drivers will do more than I am afraid of Daniel's driving abilities.
  • There is going to come a day, very soon, when my son is driving solo (sans parent in the car). That's going to be a hard day for me in some ways, but mostly, I am looking forward to it. He will be ready and will be safe driver. I just hope we go many years before he has to tell me about blue lights coming up behind him or has to call and tell me, "Mom, the important thing is that I'm not hurt."

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