Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blonde moments

Disclaimer: My apologies to people who will read this who have naturally blonde hair. I'm just going with the stereotype here, not picking on specific blondes, most of whom are very smart and not scatter-brained. :-)

Author/speaker, Beth Moore, has used the line, "I was acting blonder than I paid to be" and there have been a couple of instances this weekend that made me able to relate and identify with that statement. Another way to put it is that I've had some "duh" moments this weekend, and I just thought I'd allow others to have the chance to laugh with me.

First, this week I got some new running shoes (to use for walking) and some orthotic inserts. The guy at the store suggested that I alternate between the orthotics and the standard inserts that come with the shoes for a few days to let my feet get used to the differences. So on Friday I wore my shoes with the standard inserts, and then on Saturday before I walk, I replaced them with the orthotics. I walked 7.5 miles and my right foot was giving me problems pretty much the whole way. I was ready to take the shoes and orthotics back to the store and try to find out what was wrong. Well, this morning, I happened to notice that there was only one of the standard inserts on the shelf where I'd put "them" and it dawned on me that I had put the orthotic on top of the standard insert in my right shoe. Duh! No wonder my foot was sore and crowded! I'm so glad I didn't go back to the store and make a fool of myself there!

Secondly, it's school supply time and I had planned to go take advantage of the "fill a bag for 20% off" sale at OfficeMax. So today I took my bag (and even had to go back to the car and get it after I got inside the store), and put all the binders, paper, index cards, etc., in it--pretty much filled that baby up! I got to the check-out counter and put my bag up on the desk and the salesgirl looked at me and said, "Um, did you just want to keep that bag?" I didn't understand why she was saying that, so I told her that I was wanting the discount on everything in the bag, like it said right there on the bag. She said, "Well, that expired yesterday." Duh! Of course it did! I still bought all of the stuff, but I could have saved $13 if I had been paying more attention.

Maybe I better think twice about getting any more blonde highlights in my hair. I think maybe the chemicals are seeping into my brain!

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