Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Nothing

Daniel agreed to do a "guest post" and gave me permission to post this English assignment that he wrote this afternoon. He called it a "free-write" and I think the writing prompt he chose was the question he starts off with. My favorite part about this is that he wrote it in about five or ten minutes. As much as the proofreader in me wanted to change some capitalizations, I chose not to do any editing. I think he needs to write more often, but he won't listen to his mother!

“How was your day today?” And my mind goes off. I think of all of my classes, all of my projects that I have to finish before the year ends. April can be one of the hardest months of the school year; better weather, but still rainy, almost May but wait! now we have to make up those lovely days back in the winter where we stayed in bed. Almost done with regular schoolwork, but now to study for exams! Just not quite there. When one class seems as if you could spend all your free time working on it, and in reality, you still have five others to worry about, too. I think of each of my classes that I suffered through another day, just to come home and work some more. Although, friends can make it better sometimes. The fresh breaths of air you get about five minutes per hour, passing people in the halls, wondering if they have the same dread of next period’s test as you do. Oh, and lunch. Except this time of year you’re always making up a test, or studying for a test, or studying for a make-up test that you forgot you were taking today so you better study! No time for eating; that’s nonsense. Sometimes you might just be so tired that you zone out in the middle of class. Or worse, fall asleep. Then there comes the very rude awakening of a strange adult who you’ve only known for a few months smacking your desk, waking you up from your “seems like 30 second” nap. Until you realize, it’s your history teacher. And then, as if you’re waking up from another dream, a daydream that is, still a better awakening than the one in 6th period today, you sum it all up in a one word answer. “Nothing.”

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Its Lainee said...

Yes, Daniel, keep writing UNedited. That's the trick to surviving HS English--I can still remember!