Saturday, January 22, 2011

All in the family

The other day I was holding Erica after she had been picked up from the nursery at church. She had her sippy cup with her that had her name, Erica Massey, written on it. I started telling her that she has a last name and it's Massey. We went over it a couple of times, with me saying, "Erica Massey" and Erica repeating after me. I decided to reinforce the lesson by going through the rest of her family's names.

Me: "Mommy's name is Jeanette Massey."
Erica: "Jeanette Massey"
Me: "Daddy's name is Russell Massey."
Erica: "Russell Massey" (spoken with a slight and very cute lisp)
Me: "And Mary Lane is Mary Lane Massey."
Erica: "Mary Lane Massey."

Then she turned back to me (and remember, I'm holding her up in my arms) and points to me and said, "And You Massey!" with a big smile on her face. Talk about melting your heart!

And then the lesson continued as I had to try to explain that I am Nanette Ryan, not Massey. Oh boy!

Then today, I was telling that story to someone in Erica's earshot. She waited until the cute ending and then looked at me and said, "Nanette Ryan Massey." She's getting it . . . sort of.

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