Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun Give-away

I have this annoying tendency to wait until the last minute to do stuff that could have been done much earlier. For instance, I might get an email with a coupon code for a free photo book from Shutterfly, which expires in, say, 30 days. What do I do? I end up procrastinating until it is the night before the expiration date and then I have to scramble and upload pictures and don't get to be as creative as I'd like to be with the book. Sigh.

Well, here's another example of me waiting until the last minute to tell you about something, but since the deadline is "only" midnight tonight, you still have "plenty" of time to get in on the drawing!

Right now, go to this blog and enter to win this very fun lunch tote from this cool company called Thirty One. I have only recently heard of these bags and boy would I go into deep debt if I allowed myself to attend a party! I love almost everything I've seen in the catalog and this the lunch tote would be fun to win (even if you win instead of me!).

And I will work on my annoying tendency to procrastinate so that I can give you more notice when the next blog give-away comes along.

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