Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finally Fall!

Today's cooler temps were such a welcome treat, all I can think of is, "It's FINALLY Fall!" It was officially not summer anymore on the calendar this past week, but today was the first real taste of what is to come. Someone asked me if I had ordered the weather today (thanks for the vote of confidence). I can't take credit for the weather, but if I did have a vote in the matter, after a cold winter, the Flood in May and the four full months of sweltering summer weather, I'd definitely say that Nashville deserves to have the most beautiful and glorious Fall this year.

Fall is my favorite season of the year, so I am always excited when it finally gets here after the long, hot, summer. Tonight as I was shopping for groceries, I passed by pretty slices of watermelon, which would have turned my head a couple of weeks ago. But watermelon is a summer fruit, in my mind, so now I'm ready for pumpkin and apples. And not just any apples. I am an apple connoisseur and apples are my favorite food, so I like to get crisp, tart Braeburns. Or the "BMW" of apples, Honey Crisp!

And one last hint that Fall is fast approaching:  I have been seeing leaves falling and starting to gather on the ground. I realize that we've had a dry spell lately, so some of them have just dropped off the trees before turning colors, but I have started to see the early signs of Fall color and I just hope that we have some brilliant color showings in Middle Tennessee this year.

Stay tuned . . . I'll be out taking pictures and will hopefully have some good ones to share.

Happy Fall!

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