Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shave me some ice!

This summer, my favorite treat has been just around the corner at the SnoBiz Shave Ice stand. I first drove by back in June and noticed the sign, but didn't actually try it out until my sister told me that they had gotten some (this is the way it has historically gone with us . . . I'm not the adventurous one, but like to let her test the waters).

Let me just say, I'm probably very close to being addicted to these things. I learned quickly that the small is plenty big and that I am a fan of the "creme" that they put on top of some of the concoctions. If you're anywhere in the Nashville area, it is worth a drive over to Nolensville Road to see Jamil for a shave ice. And as my brother-in-law found out, Jamil will even let you call ahead to place an order (all orders are "to go" since there aren't any tables).

I've been once or twice by myself, but it's a ton more fun to go with friends. When Leanne and Doug were here, we went over and got some to take to Jeanette's house. Then tonight, Daniel and I invited Jeanette, Russell and the girls to go (Mary Lane had a totally different experience than the rest of us) and we brought some to Grandma and Grandpa.
If you're anywhere in the Nashville area, it is well worth the drive over to Nolensville Road to try a shave ice treat. And as my brother-in-law learned tonight, Jamil will even take phone orders so they're ready when you get there. Of course, with no tables, all orders are "to go" but maybe if enough people start going over there, maybe he'll put out some picnic tables. Or you can just come over to my deck!

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SnoBizFans said...

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