Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Rainy Day Story

If you give Nanette a label-maker, she's going to want to make a label. Chances are, since it's been a while since she made a label, the batteries in the machine have run down.

So she's going to have to look for more batteries in the closet. When she goes to the closet to look for batteries, she's going to see the hodge-podge of batteries, light bulbs, lamp timers, etc., and she'll remember that she needs to reorganize the stuff into the baskets she bought at the Dollar Tree.

When she starts to organize the tools and stuff, she decides that she should throw away the broken tool box and put the tools into a plastic shoe box.

After she gets the tools and batteries organized, she will probably want to make some labels to make sure everyone in the house can know what's where in the closet.

So she'll get the label-maker out. And chances are if she gets the label-maker out, she'll remember that it needs new batteries and that there weren't any triple-A batteries in the closet.

So she'll go sit on the couch and watch TV.

(My apologies to Laura Numeroff, the author of the popular children's book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie)


ItsLainee said...

this is a biography of my life :)

The Fish Family said...

Loved this. I'm glad I'm not the only one!