Monday, February 22, 2010

Lollipop, lollipop

In honor of Erica's 18-month birthday today, I'll share a little story her mommy chatted to me tonight.

Me: hi sissy! did your night go smoothly after i left?

Jeanette: smooth as silk... all b/c of a smart evil genius mommy and a lollipop!!!!

Me: what?

Jeanette: I tried in vain to get her to be still to take her onesie pic.

Me: is that where the lollipop came in?

Jeanette: then i remembered the lollipop Dad gave Erica for Christmas and I gave it to her! Hee hee hee. She was putty in my hands. I fixed her hair, sat her in the chair, and actually got a few pics....before she started rubbing the lolli everywhere on herself, the chair, the carpet, ew gross!!!

Me: uh-oh! i'm glad you got some pics. any "after" pics too?

Jeanette: So then I had to figure out how to get the lollipop away from her without a fit. Didn't want any fits tonight home alone. So this is how I got the lolli away: ready for MORE genius?

Me: waiting on baited breath.

Jeanette: I gave her a little bowl with FIVE white chocolate chips in it. She was fascinated, gave up the pop, and when the chips were gone, they were gone and we moved on to something else! The lollipop seriously would have lasted until midnight. I couldn't wait it out She was hardly licking it.

Me: you ARE a genius. did u have to throw away the lolly?

Jeanette: No, i rinsed it off and saved in a ziplock bag.

Me: that's good. it might come in handy another time.

Jeanette: It is a valuable tool. I will not throw it out yet:)

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robin said...

aha! so, "craftiness" runs in the family;)