Thursday, March 19, 2009

A perfect day!

In my opinion, Tuesday, March 17th, was pretty much a perfect day. For Daniel, it was a "lucky" day, because he caught his first fish ever (although his patience and skills came into play as much as luck).

Here's what contributed to it being a "perfect" day for me:

  • I woke up early enough to go out for a walk on the beach very soon after sunrise
  • Had some lazy hours to read while lounging in a beach chair
  • Got to jump and ride the waves in a perfectly clear ocean (to those of you who are "Gulf Snobs", you really can see the bottom in the Atlantic Ocean sometimes!)
  • Celebrated with Daniel on catching his first fish
  • Found a bargain on a newly released Christian fiction book (only $5!)
  • Enjoyed a picnic at the park for supper
  • Ended the day with ice cream and a chick-flick

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