Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

On the occasion of my 25th birthday (no snickering!), I thought I'd share these random things about me (if you've read them on Facebook, you might find some things have been added/changed!). So, here goes:

1. I only applied to two colleges: Wake Forest University and Belmont College.
2. I love being a mom and an aunt (that's an understatement, really).
3. I have disliked bananas ever since I was a baby, but last year I tried a banana dish at a Brazilian restaurant and liked it.
4. I don’t like scary movies or anything really suspenseful.
5. My favorite color is RED and I have a red Honda CRV.
6. I have lived in four states: Maryland, New Jersey, Tennessee and Hawaii.
7. I have a life-time goal to visit all 50 states and have currently been to 34 of them. I need to go out West!
8. I have visited nine different countries: Canada, Mexico, Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Poland.
10. Someday I would like to go to Australia, England, Alaska and California.
11. I have lived in Nashville longer than I lived anyplace else (23.5 years).
12. My original family was all girls, except for my dad (we even had a girl dog), and then when I grew up, I had a baby boy!
13. My favorite dessert is apple pie a la mode (and nobody makes apple pie as good as my Maw-Maw did!). When I was five years old, my birthday “cake” was an apple pie (thanks to Maw-Maw).
14. I also love my mom’s apple cake and she’s made it for my birthday for many years.
15. I was a Girl Scout from “Brownie” on up to “Cadet”, but I hated selling Girl Scout cookies and usually fell into some body of water when I went camping.
16. I am very close to my family, both in relationship and in location. We all live within two miles of each other and actually like it that way!
17. I love that my sister and I are finally Sister Mommies together!
18. I always wanted an older brother, but realized that wasn't going to happen, since I was already born and didn't have one.
19. When I was sixteen, my friends and I had a co-ed slumber party (not what you’re thinking . . . the boys and girls slept apart) when we got snowed in at a birthday party in February.
20. When I was growing up, the jobs I thought I wanted to have were: stewardess (before it was called flight attendant), lawyer, and newscaster.
21. My dream job would be working on a team that plans enrichment ministry events.
22. When Daniel graduates from college, I’ll only be 50 years young and can’t wait to see what God has in store for the rest of my life.
23. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know about Jesus and his love for me (thank you to my parents and grandparents).
24. I have a teen-age son and we have an awesome relationship. I have truly enjoyed all the stages of his life (OK, maybe not the pre-talking toddler years as much as others, but we got through it).
25. I like to sing, but have a little bit of stage fright, so I don’t sing solos (when anyone else is listening).


robin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I don't like the title of those lists. There's nothing random about you!:)

Shanna Bauman said...

Okay, so I'll take you out west if you'll take me up east! I've been all over the west! Grew up out there and we travelled all the time! ROAD TRIP was my dad's favorite word I believe! BUT I've not done much up East. New England area is amazing I'm sure.

Great list! I enjoyed reading!

Nanette R. said...

Shanna, you're on for a road trip from coast to coast. Oddly enough, the only Eastern states I haven't been to are in New England (VT and NH)!

Katie said...

me too
travel, umm, you've done pretty darn good!
Happy Late Birthday, I didn't realize that I was older than you!