Sunday, October 5, 2008

Highlights from a great weekend

We didn't have any huge plans going into the weekend, but it was fun and relaxing and we got to spend some time with family and friends and just hang out together at home. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Visiting Erica during some "awake" time on Friday night and watching her play on her activity mat. She was six weeks old on Friday and is starting to smile and be aware of things around her.

  • Going to the Celebration of Cultures in Centennial Park with Daniel, Grandpa, Jeanette, Russell and Erica (Grandma was at a conference at her church and we missed her being with us).

  • Shopping and dinner with Daniel on Saturday night (white chocolate lava cake at Chili's is "to die for" and having Daniel actually let me play guitar while he played the drums on the Rock Band demo in the store was so fun!).

  • Today's experience of communion, along with the sermon from Exodus and the Gospel Transformation lesson this afternoon, were all evidences that God is at work in all things to grow me closer to Him.

  • Spending Sunday afternoon sitting out on the deck with a book while Daniel and his friend, Ryan, ran down the street yelling "Five and O, five and O, five and O" after the Titans beat the Ravens put a big smile on my face!

Well, nothing was really earth-shattering, but it added up to a good weekend for me and Daniel.


Jeanette said...

I love these pictures! Need to get some copies!

It's Lainee: said...

contentment is a real blessing--we need more weekends like that.

Katie Thompson said...

I second that. Those kinds of weekends are the memories we retain the most. It cracks me up that Daniel has a friend named Ryan (Smeltzer?). If I were you I would crack up every time I called their names!

robin said...

I'm thinking the lava thing at Chili's would make me want to go shopping too. That Daniel is a smart guy!

Nanette R. said...

It's called "creative bribing"!:-) Actually, he wanted to go to the mall and to Old Navy so I didn't have to twist his arm a bit.

Shanna Bauman said...

Maybe they were screaming 5-0 for Vandy and NOT the Titans!!! Nashville's a great place to be right now!