Monday, September 8, 2008

Missing: One green poodle skirt

Where, oh where, has that little dog gone? I have owned a poodle skirt ever since the summer of 1989, when I worked on a Centrifuge staff and the theme was the 50s. I make a pretty good 50s girl, if I do say so myself (sorry, no pictures readily available to post right now, but maybe someday I'll dig them out).

Anyway, I have an occasion to wear my poodle skirt this weekend (I'll have to post about that later, because it's a surprise party) but I CAN'T FIND IT!!!! I thought I knew exactly where it was, but when I went to look, it wasn't there! AAACCCKKK!!! I looked in some other places where it could have been and still have a couple more possibilities, but I'm getting a little nervous.

You see, I have been known to go through a cleaning out frenzy and sell stuff I didn't think I'd need (ask Daniel about his mom selling his Fisher Price Farm). However, I can't imagine that I could have done that with this skirt because I love being a 50s girl so much. Also, I have a very vague recollection of lending it to someone, but can't recall who that was or when or if I just dreamed it!

If anyone reading this knows the whereabouts of my skirt, go ahead and tell me. I won't be mad if you've borrowed it and had it this long. I'd also be very grateful if you didn't borrow it, but just had some kind of revelation about where it could be! :-)

Hopefully I'll be able to post a happy ending to this story soon!

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