Monday, September 29, 2008

Is anyone out there????

Happy Fall, ya'll! I once got lovingly chastised for not posting for a month or something like that. Well, friends, I've been posting more frequently, but nobody's been commenting lately! I'm beginning to get a complex (not really, but it makes one wonder . . .)

So, since we crossed over into my favorite season of the year and it's almost October (yikes!) . . . let's be a little more conversational.

My turn first.

My favorite things about Fall are:

  • The cooler temps and less humidity
  • Changing colors of the leaves
  • Potted mums
  • Apple cider (OK, apples in general)
  • Hearing fallen leaves crunch under my feet
  • Hayrides

Now it's your turn. What do you like about the season of Fall?


robin said...

Nanette, you named all the best things about Fall! The only thing I can think to add is:
Making and enjoying soups & stews!

Jeanette said...

I like playing with my new baby Erica. Oh, wait, that is an activity for all seasons of the year!

How about, I like thinking about what Erica might WEAR when it gets to be fall weather. She has a new purple cardigan she might like to wear when it gets chillier.

Shanna Bauman said...

I LOVE Honeycrisp apples. They are only available in Nashville for about 6-8 weeks during the fall. October - November. Try them!!!!

It's Lainee: said...

There's just something about the AIR when it gets to be Fall. Right now, my favorite thing is driving with the top down and not frying!

Nanette R. said...

I'm SO glad that you're still out there! Thanks for chiming in about what you like about Fall.

I agree that soups are just better in the Fall and Winter, and I do LOVE Honeycrisp apples. I need to make sure I get some before they go away. Maybe Elaine needs to take us out in her convertible to find some! :-)

florence said...

Having it be just cool enough to force you to wear a jacket or sweatshirt outside...the smell of leaves burning...camping out (for only one night!) and sitting by the campfire eating s'mores

We're still here- you just have to rouse us every once in a awhile! I know I check your blog several times a week but don't comment every time.

Love you!

Nanette R. said...

Thanks for the comments . . . I feel loved and not-abandoned! :-)

Lorie said...

This year I like fall because it means my baby girl will be here soon.

Heather said...

I'm excited about fall too. We just got a pumpkin and I'm pondering what to make. Pie? Bread? Hmmm...

Jen Box said...

Fall is my favorite season too.
- the colors of the trees
- the cooler/fresher air
- football
- camping
- that I can wear more clothes
- heat sources name a few.