Saturday, July 19, 2008

They're back!

The GCC youth got back from their mission trip to NC yesterday afternoon and it's been so fun for me to get to hear Daniel's stories from the trip. I may not have heard much from him while he was gone (except for a few text messages), but he has definitely made up for it since he's been back. I expected that, and have not been disappointed. :-)

From the time I picked him up at Jeanette's house until he went to bed last night, he gave me lots of details about what they did and all the fun they had together. I think one of the most valuable experiences for him was the relationships he built with the other youth. He got to know the older guys and chaparones and formed friendships that will continue to influence his life in the years to come. They had a great week and worked hard, and Daniel is ready to go again! He's glad that he still has five more years that he can go on these types of trips with the youth group. I think this experience even surpassed Centri-Kid for him, and if you know how much he loved C-K, that's saying a lot!

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