Thursday, July 31, 2008

Should I be offended???

Well, my newly painted big toe met with an unfortunate incident the day after my pedicure last week. Yes, I got a chip within 24 hours of having my toes all nicely painted. (This is why I don't pay for this too often!)

So, all week, I've been thinking that I need to find someplace that sells OPI nail polish and namely, You're Such a Kabucki Queen shade, so I can salvage my pedi before it's too far gone. Today before lunch, I decided to check online and found out that a Sun Tan City store on West End, not far from my office, had the color I needed. Off I went to Sun Tan City to get myself some happiness in a small bottle. I walked in, asked for my nail polish (I had just called a few minutes prior, so the guy remembered what I was there for), and made the purchase. I asked him to validate my parking ticket and as I'm getting ready to leave, he said, "Come back if you ever want a suntan!"

Hmmm! Was that I reference to my lily white skin (which is actually slightly more tan than during the non-summer months) or was he just doing his job at the counter of the tanning salon? I guess I don't really want to waste too much time being offended, but I still thought, "He didn't just say that" as I walked out the door and smiled to myself as I went to the car.


Jeanette said...

Maybe he knows what Kabucki Queen is?

Kristi said...

kabuki actresses paint their faces white... people like me have to add COLOR!