Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I love summer evenings!

When I was a member at FBC, Nashville, back in the '90s, they used to have something called "Summer Sundae Nights," which were ice cream fellowships after the Sunday evening service. They'd set up tables in the drive-through and had hot dogs and hamburgers, as well as ice cream with various toppings. We'd all hang around eating our ice cream and enjoy the extra time to spend together outside on a summer evening. I loved those nights!

Tonight, at Grace Community Church, we had a "Summer Wednesday Night" (that's what I call it, they just called it a "dessert fellowship"). We had a church info meeting first and then everyone hung around afterward and ate yummy desserts and just had some extra time to visit on a nice summer evening. I enjoyed getting to chat with some friends, and also got to know a newer friend a little more. I watched other people's kids run around and play (my kid is on the youth mission trip), and observed lots of good, summer fun happening around me. Hopefully, people will remember these types of nights as a part of what makes our church tick, just like I have good memories of those Sunday nights at FBC.

I feel very blessed to have these experiences and even more so, to have my church family and my dear friends to make these memories special.

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