Monday, May 19, 2008

What's been going on?

To all my blogger fans out there (all three or four of you), here's a post! Sheesh! You'd think I hadn't come out of my house for a month or something, just because I hadn't posted in a while. To borrow a phrase from a fellow blogger (one who didn't nag me about why I hadn't posted, I might add): "So, what are we doing?"

Well, I won't bore you with every mundane detail of the past month, but suffice it to say that I've been too busy to blog (but not to read others' blogs) and didn't feel like what I had been doing was much to write about, I guess.

One pretty cool thing I did was volunteer at a water station for the Country Music Marathon on April 26. I had volunteered alongside my mom with the group from FBC, Nashville, the first couple of years that the marathon was in existence, but had not done it since 2003. This year I had thought that I'd like to sign up just with the CMM organization and see where I got placed, but then my mom invited me to join their group again, so I did. The FBC group typically gets the station at mile 3, which is on Belmont Blvd., not far from Belmont University. This is a great time to see the runners before they start getting tired, sick, and whatever else happens to them after miles of running. The downside is that the volunteers at this station have to get there at 4:30 AM to start setting up! Yes, you read it right. I was there before dawn on a very rainy morning to set out paper cups (which got rain water in them before getting filled with drinking water and Accelerade). Thankfully, the rain let up by the time the race started and by the time the runners came by. Even though it was not my first marathon to watch, it still was very exciting and gave me a thrill to see the wheelchair athletes come first, then the Elite runners, and then to see the throngs of people running and walking in a steady stream for probably an hour. I cheered until my throat was hoarse, handing out cups of Accelerade and just trying to give encouragement. Someday I think I'll train to walk the half marathon, and who knows, maybe the whole thing!

Other than that, things have just been busy with normal things like:
  • the end of Daniel's school baseball season (not a great record for the team, but Daniel had a couple of high points and personal accomplishments)
  • the winding down of Daniel's 7th grade school year (only 2.5 more days to go!)
  • a busy season at work
  • helping get things ready for my niece
  • trying to figure out if now is the time to get a different car

I'm looking forward to some time with my good friends, Leanne and Doug, down in Ft. Lauderdale, this coming weekend. It will be nice to sit in a lounge chair by the pool/beach after a busy month or so at home.

Thanks to all of you who check my blog and who care whether I post something. I'll try to stay more current and will keep you posted on the progress with my car search and the things we find to do this summer. You can be sure that we're not bored or becoming hermits. And now you can go find other people to nag, like Jennifer Box, for instance, or Robin Adams. :-)


Niece's Mommy said...

Thank you! I have been one of the naggers but hopefully it was flattering to be missed.

Nanette R. said...

Yes, I'm glad people noticed that I hadn't written and hopefully you read between the lines and know that I was not too serious when I was complaining. :-)

Katie Thompson said...

I was nagging from a caring heart! I can't believe Daniel is completing another grade. Wow.

robin said...

good to see you're back've been a busy bee! i didnt know about the volunteering. wow! 4:30 am, huh?

and,jennifer has alot more to blog about than me...let's nag her!

Katie Jo said...

non nag friend

Kristi said...

You are a dear thing. And J still loves you even though you noticed [verbally, too!] he was wearing two different shoes this past Sunday. heeeee Oops, did I say that out loud? He's not going to like that...

Nanette R. said...

I try to be a good friend and tell people when they have lipstick on their teeth, food where it's not supposed to be and if they are wearing mismatched shoes. I'd want others to do the same for me. :-)

I really should be packing . . . or in bed asleep. Sigh.